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Kick some metal ass.

The year is 2700. Humans live scattered through the desert, struggling to survive. It's looking pretty bleak.

Until a young scavenger girl named Max stumbles across something that may help. An old Guardian robot, lying abandoned in the sand. She reactivates him, knowing that with a Guardian by her side, she may be able to give mankind a fighting chance…

Together, the two begin to explore the mysterious canyons that surround them, searching for answers and a way to survive.

There's just one problem. The canyons are crawling with BadBots, determined to stop them from advancing. But who's controlling them? And what are they guarding within?

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Think fast. Shoot faster.

- Fast-paced Roguelite FPS

Speedy gameplay with high mobility, responsive & tight inputs.

- Tight and smooth combat and movement

Choose from several classes: lead your army of drones, blast tons of enemies at once with a powerful rocket or stealth-in for a sudden burst attack.

- 2 player co-op with a brobot!

Dive into the fray alone or in 2-player co-op mode.

- Crossplay and public matchmaking

Play with the whole world on your PC or Xbox.

- Robo-ass kicking soundtrack

High octane, custom-tailored soundtrack supports the fast gameplay and robot-smashing action.

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